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BabyScope for iPhone5/iPad-mini : Listen to your fetal heartbeat

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BabyScope for iPhone5/iPad-mini : Listen to your fetal heartbeat

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by M.O.M.G

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Please note that this app is designed for iPhone 5 & iPad-mini .

If you have a different iPhone or iPad model (for example, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, etc.), you should download our OTHER app, “BabyScope – Listen to your fetal heartbeat”, which is designed for these models and proper usage of headphones. (See clarification at bottom of text.)

Using ONLY the internal microphone, “BabyScope for iPhone 5 & iPad mini”, allows you to HEAR your baby’s heartbeat and movements during pregnancy!

All you need is your iPhone5/iPAd-mini , and that’s it!

* The app is compatible ONLY with iPhone 5S,5C,5 and iPad mini
* For other iOS devices (iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and iPad 2, 3, 4), please download our OTHER app, “BabyScope – Listen to your fetal heartbeat”.

Extra Features!
*You can SEE a graph line of the baby’s heartbeat!
*The sounds can be recorded and played back for you and your partner’s enjoyment.
*SHARE the recordings with family & friends via email/Facebook/Twitter :-).

How does the app work?
The app uses the iPhone’s internal microphone to amplify and filter the faint sounds of the baby’s heartbeat and movements, so that they can be heard.

*******Special Attention Please**********************

* Safety measures: Use the app only in airplane mode, to avoid any unnecessary concerns about radio wave emissions.
The app does not use any communication capabilities such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular. It uses only the device’s internal microphone to pick up abdominal sounds.

* “BabyScope” was designed for use in the third trimester. If you are at an earlier stage of pregnancy (before week 28), the chances of success are lower, (although some users report success as early as week 25).

Be advised:
* In order to use our app, you must accept our license terms (EULA), which can be viewed by clicking the “Application license agreement” link. Please make sure to read it, before you download our app.

* “BabyScope” is not intended as a replacement for medical equipment or advice of any type!

* If you have any medical questions or concerns regarding your baby’s health and safety during pregnancy, please consult with your doctor or midwife.


Clarification about differences between iPhone 5 / iPad mini in comparison to other iOS devices:

THIS VERSION OF THE APP was designed to work WITHOUT any headphones due to the headphones exit location which is next to the microphone , and the sound will travel to your ears via the speaker of the device.

On other iOS devices, the same headphones exit is located elsewhere and therefore enables attaching of microphone to the abdomen correctly while using proper headphones.

Supported Devices:

  • iPhone-3GS
  • iPodTouchourthGen
  • iPhone4
  • iPhone5c
  • iPad2Wifi
  • iPhone4S
  • iPadThirdGen4G
  • iPhone5
  • iPadFourthGen4G
  • iPad23G
  • iPodTouchFifthGen
  • iPadFourthGen
  • iPadThirdGen
  • iPadMini
  • iPhone5s
  • iPadMini4G

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