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Psych Dx

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Psych Dx

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by Paul R. Puri, M.D., Inc.

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Developed by a Psychiatrist for mental health providers, from seasoned clinicians to students.

Psych Dx aims to be the pocket reference of choice, a learning tool regularly updated with new features.
Its goal is to offer something for providers at every level, from student to nurse to attending.

For students, why pay $8 for a laminated mental status exam card? Have psychiatric terms at your fingertips, handy pearls, as well as a glossary of terms and abbreviations.

For residents and attendings, have useful information without having to dig around. Maximize reimbursement by using the best billing codes, even Vcodes you didn’t know you could use! Find rating scales for tracking everything from Depression to PTSD.

For any provider, don’t guess the GAF, use our algorithm. Figure out abbreviations others use, or why a false positive might come up on a utox.

And that’s just the start. See the full list of features below. More is added regularly.

Disclaimer: This app is intended for use by health professionals and is not a substitute for medical advice. While the information is considered up to date, no guarantee is given that new data has not emerged that may contradict it.
-DSM diagnostic criteria is NOT included, unfortunately. The APA is very restrictive on who they allow the rights to publish DSM information.

A feature is in development that will critically appraise major diagnostic criteria of major illnesses, comparing the ICD-10 to the DSM, showing the strengths and drawbacks of each.

Current Features include:

-Breakdown of the Mental Status Exam:
–Thesaurus of terms for each section of the MSE, even defining many terms often misused. Especially useful for students.
–Info on clinical significance of findings, especially as related to less common findings and conditions.
–Includes basic cognitive testing on MSE

-Searchable database of ICD-9CM codes for mental illnesses (for billing purposes):
–Broken down by diagnostic category
–V-codes for all occasions. If a normal coding doesn’t seem appropriate, look at the wide arrangement of v-codes.
–Includes pearls

-False positive causes and detectability period of urine tox

-Screening workup and medical DDx for psychosis, depression, anxiety

-GAF rating guide, including an algorithm based GAF guide.

-Benzodiazepine equivalence chart, including half-life and time to peak blood level.

-Benzo metabolite chart.

-Rating scales, including an in-app calculator to tally the score! QIDS, Ham-D, MoCA, AIMS, AUDIT, CIWA, COWS, Ham-A, PCL-C, PSWQ. Tools for screening and monitoring a variety of conditions.

-Psychiatric symptoms suggestive of a medical etiology (in clinical pearls)

-A Rundown on Neuropsych testing — the basics on when to refer, how it’s done, and understanding the utility of common tests

-Glossary section including commonly used medical abbreviations.

-References and Further Reading for material included

Future updates plan to include:

-Medical Workup recommendations for delirium

-A comparison and critique of major diagnostic criteria for mental illnesses (ICD-10 vs. DSM), with references

-Further development of an integrated database where findings within the mental status exam or even history can connect to a differential diagnosis, and ways of evaluating the differential based on the literature.

–A breakdown of particular rare psychotic symptoms, and known medical etiologies of those symptoms. With references.

-Lookup of herbals and their possible psychiatric sequelae

-Breakdown of h&p components

We strive to create the best tool for you as a provider, to serve your needs for diagnosis, communication, and even education. That means we want to make it better for you, to make this app provide whatever it is you need as a clinician or student.

Send us your feedback and wishlist, and we will aim to include any desired features in future updates.

Supported Devices:

  • iPadMini4G
  • iPad2Wifi
  • iPadThirdGen
  • iPhone5s
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  • iPad3G
  • iPadWifi
  • iPodTouchourthGen
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  • iPadFourthGen4G
  • iPhone-3GS

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